New Roof for Veteran

Mission Accomplished! James Allen – Army 1969-1972 from Eastport, Michigan This story is amazing! Margie and I were coming home from a fundraiser and stopped in at Friske’s Market on the way home. I saw this man with a Vietnam Veterans hat on and so I walked right up and shook his hand and said Thank you and Welcome Home! He proceeded to tell us about his time and some of the troubles he has had in the past with the VA. He needed a new roof but could not pay for the whole thing but could make payments. We gave him our card and said we knew just the right person to help and we would be in touch! I called our friend BUCK from Buck’s Roofing and he met James’ insurance adjuster at his home and long story short, Buck start the work today on the roof and he also gets three rooms inside ceilings repaired and the siding on his home as well, all covered by his insurance! He is blessed beyond measure! Thank you Buck and your team for being a NEED-MEETER!!!! Pictures to follow!