2016 Missions Accomplished

1-17-16 – Mission Accomplished! Marine Veteran 1966-1970 Stephen Van AllsBurg from Petoskey, needed help with gas, food and lodging as he had to go to Grand Rapids for Cancer treatment.
Angel Ambassadors helped with an overnight stay at a Holiday Inn and Breakfast in the morning and a gas card – $224.99

2-4-16 – Mission Accomplished! Jesse Robin an Army Veteran 1989-2012 from Brutus needed help with a new furnace. Our friends at Great Lakes P&H fixed him up! – $1000.00

2-11-16 – Mission Accomplished! Air Force Veteran 1974-1976 Rick Sanders from Alanson needed help with Lot rent and Utilities as he’d been out of work for awhile. We were able to pay his Lot rent of $675.00 and his past due Consumers Energy bill of $146.60

2-12-16 – Mission Accomplished! Our friend and Navy Submarine Veteran Mike Van Den Branden need help with printing costs for his UP Mag Up North. Mike served from 1957-1964. We were able to help with $1000.00

2-15-16 – Mission Accomplished! Army Veteran 1994-2009 Mike Scoby from Kalkaska needed help remodeling a bathroom…he had most of the materials but physically could not do the work. Our friend Art Castle and his team went to work…they donated their time and in three days, the bathroom was complete along with area stores who heard about it also donated towels, rugs and toiletries to the family – $534.44

2-18-16 – Mission Accomplished! National Guard Veteran 2003-2009 Timothy Hutchison from Harbor Springs needed help with getting rid of scrap to the Transfer Station from have roof damage fixed on his house. We were able to get him coupons for the drop offs – $200.00

3-15-16 – Mission Accomplished! Marine Corp Veteran 1974-1977 Gary Babcock of Indian River who is homeless needed help with shoes, sox, etc. and food. We gave him a $100.00 Gift Card and Food from our Pantry. $100.00

4-8-16 – Mission Accomplished! Navy Veteran 1995-1999 Matthew Lebrato from Traverse City needed help with past due Consumer Energy Bill. We put $500.00 towards that bill.

4-12-16 – Mission Accomplished! Marine Veteran 1985-1989 James Lalonde from Traverse City needed help with past due Consumer Energy Bill. We were able to pay his past due in full to get services restored. – $2219.14

6-6-16 – Mission Accomplished! Navy Veteran 1974-1980 Daniel Hughey from Kalkaska needed help with burial services for his brother who is also a Veteran. The total cost was $1320.00 of which he had raised from family $320.00…We paid Greenwood Cemetery the rest so he could bring his brother home to rest. -$1000.00

8-19-16 – Mission Accomplished! Disabled Army Veteran 1976-1977 Isreal Garza from Rapid City needed help with a septic field. Hutchison’s Septic said that if he had the down payment they would start the work and Isre4al could make payments on the rest. We were able to help – $2000.00

8-21-16 – Mission Accomplished! Army Veteran 1970-1971 Korea Jeff Plath (Mark Plath’s Meats Brother) from Roger City is battling Heart, Stroke and Corroded Arteries from Agent Orange and has to travel to Saginaw VA for treatments. We were able to help with a gas card – $1000.00

9-22-16 – Mission Accomplished! Air Force Veteran 1984-1994 Terry Ranney from Harbor Springs is battling kidney disease and is on a waiting list. He has to travel twice a week for dialysis. We were able to help him with a gas card. – $500.00

9-28-16 – Mission Accomplished! Navy Veteran 1984-1986 Tye Triantafelo from Petoskey was facing eviction from past due rent. We were able to help him get caught up. – $920.00

9-29-16 – Mission Accomplished! Disabled Army Veteran 1977-1978 Darryl Gillespie from Boyne City needed help with past due car insurance.
We were able to pay it up to date at State Farm – $778.48

10-3-16 – Mission Accomplished! Army Veteran 1950-1952 Art Barber of Petoskey needed help with Credit Card Bills and was in need of gas money to travel to the VA in Saginaw for Appointments upcoming, and was in dire need of new shoes and underclothes. We gave him a gas card – $250.00, a Walmart gift card – $250.00 and paid two credit card bills up to date – $1000.00.

10-8-16 – Mission Accomplished! Army Veteran 2012-2015 Brady Billings from Petoskey and his family were facing eviction from their home due to late rent.
We were able to catch them up – $1885.46

10-26-16 – Mission Accomplished! Navy Veteran 1985-1990 John McRannolds from Grawn needed plates, and initial insurance for his vehicle to be able to have transportation to keep his job. We were able to help with both. $267.96 and $712.50

10-27-16 – Mission Accomplished! Army Veteran 2001-2005 Christopher Spencer of Boyne City needed help getting caught up on his Meijer’s Credit Card. They just had a new baby and due to some complications, his wife was going to be off work for awhile. We were able to help catch them up. $1000.00 / We also had staff at Independence Village volunteer and raise funds to help the family with gifts, food, and baby items for the family.

11-10-16 – Mission Accomplished! Navy and Somalia War Veteran 1994-1997 Christopher Bell from Traverse City needed help catching up two storage sheds so his family could get their belongings to move into a house. We were able to help. – $530.00

11-29-16 – Mission Accomplished!  Army Veteran 2008-2009 Blaise Robishaw of Petoskey needed helped getting his vehicle running for work. We were able to pay on the bill. – $200.00

12-14-16 – Mission Accomplished! Army Veteran 2007- 2015 Toby Tittle from Alanson was out of work and behind on hos Consumer Energy Bill. We were able to pay it current – $168.00 and put a  $500.00 credit on him till he gets back to work.