Angel Ambassadors is proud to announce we are giving a local Northern Michigan Veteran a chance to get back out into nature with a like new Action Track Chair valued at $8,000. The chair is a motorized ATV wheelchair and we will select our winner just in time for the upcoming 2016 hunting season!

 The chair is 100% made in America (Marshall, MN) and is capable of maneuvering through sand, snow gravel, mud, muck and up to 8 inches of water.  It can legally be driven anywhere an able bodied person can walk.  This includes State and Federal parks, rail trails, beaches, campgrounds, Meijer, Walmart, etc.  The seat has a power tilt function which helps with comfort and in transferring into the chair.

We have partnered up with 97.5 WKLT / 98.9 WKLZ FM radio station to help us promote our work with the Non Profit and to get the word out to our community. We will have people and Veterans write into Angel Ambassadors with their suggested Veteran or with their personal stories. We will select the winner and verify their military service. We plan to select the winner at the end of October (specific date to be determined) in time for the 2016 hunting season.

Angel Ambassadors is made up of volunteers and 95% of the donations received go to help local Northern Michigan Veteran’s & their families with a one time hand up.

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